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Avtar Paints Pvt. Ltd. Is proudly cement paint manufacturer operating in Kolkata, West Bengal since 2008. The product range of Avtar Paints Pvt. Ltd. has proven their quality throughout West Bengal. The competitive manufacturing procedures and strong sale of the product allows the company to enjoy outstanding financial success. Added to that, the proven flawless track record of the company provides confidence to traders and distributors. Avtar Paints Pvt. Ltd manufacture a premium range of cement based paints, wall putty and wall surfacer for the domestic and commercial market.


With continuous innovation and extensive research & development, Avtar Paints Pvt. Ltd is constantly improving the quality of its products. Considerable efforts have also been given to expand its product range. As a result of which, Avtar Paints today offers its distributors and traders with a wide range of decorative paint options.